Our Practice

Every case and every person is unique. We work closely with each of our clients to address both short-term acute conditions, as well as come up with long term treatment plans and lifestyle changes for more chronic issues. We strive to be long-term partners in care for everything from the common cold to more serious illness and injury. 




Although acupuncture is often thought of to treat pain, it can be highly effective for everything from the common cold to more chronic or complicated physical, mental or emotional conditions. Although there are many different styles of acupuncture, the three main styles we combine are a Japanese style developed by Kiiko Matsumoto with an integration of classical theory and western-style medical diagnosis; a form of myofascial trigger point therapy developed by Mark Seem; and Traditional Chinese Medicine, a style developed in China with a focus on internal organ disharmony. 

Samadhi Acupuncture and Holictic Medicine — Acupuncture

Food As Medicine

There are many things we can do for ourselves outside of the treatment room. One of the easiest ways to have a hand in our own health is to make small changes in our eating habits. Chinese medicine uses food in a similar way to using herbs. All foods are attributed a medical taste, temperature, yin or yang nature, and specific organs/meridians that they affect. There are some schools of thought that believe in healing the stomach as the most important part of curing disease. 

Part of your treatment plan will focus on using healing foods, and mild to moderate detoxification. Foods will be recommended that are specific to your condition, dietary restrictions, and with an emphasis on enjoyment rather than deprivation.


Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs are used as a form of internal medicine. When called for, herbs may be recommended for short periods of time as an adjunct therapy along with your acupuncture treatments. They may be in one of three forms. Raw, granules or teapills.